Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rocking it at Rock City, Georgia

At times, the most interesting places to visit are not located in some city that is easily found. Instead, there are beautiful places of interest located by the side of a road, hidden from plain sight. One of these would beRock City, a roadside attraction located near Ruby Falls on Lookout Mountain.

Eventful Shows for Special Seasons

There are many events and shows organized for bus rental visitors who arrive at Rock City. For paid admissions to the garden, visitors can enjoy daily bird shows that showcases birds of prey. If you were to visit during Fall, you get to enjoy this awesome maze made from crops of corn located in the valley below the gardens dubbed as The Enchanted Maize. This is an event where you get lost in the maze and you find your way out by answering trivia questions placed at some posts in the field of corn. Other than having fun getting lost in the maze, there are also hay rides and other activities as well at the site.
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