Friday, September 6, 2013

The Gator Par of Florida

What do alligators and boats have in common? Not much, actually, but at Gator Park, you are in for some fun time when it comes to alligators and boats. You will need to rent a private Florida bus and bring the whole family there to experience firsthand what it is like to journey into the deep Florida Everglades and learn about the world of alligators, turtles, snakes and fish, as well as not forgetting the birds and some other creatures that you do not normally get to see if you are living in the city. This is surely a wonderful trip to bring your family and let your children learn about wildlife in their own natural world.

Gator Park is also popular for their Everglades Airboat Ride and when you take a tour on their boat ride, you will discover the natural habitats of the alligators, turtles, snakes and fish, as well as the birds of the air. First of all, you get to get up really close to the alligators at the park (not the ones you would spot during the boat ride) - so close that they even encourage you to put your hands in the mouth of the gators! Next, you will get to go on a boat ride. Many first time visitors to the Gator Park in a rented Florida private bus find it so relaxing as they go on the boat ride because the tour guides made sure that the boat ride is slow enough for everyone to enjoy the view of the canal as well as not to frighten the little ones who are also in the boat at the same time. The slow ride also enables the visitors to be able to take photos of the wildlife in their natural habitat. The experienced tour guides never fails to help the boat riders to spot alligators – big and small ones as well as turtles and birds that they don’t normally get to see elsewhere.

After that, the boat may then pick up a little on the speed to bring visitors to the river of grass to “catch” glimpses of raccoons, whitetail deer and wild boar and it is not everyday that you get to see animals like these, so be sure to have your cameras ready to snap away once you spot them (or rather, once the tour guide spots them and lets everyone know). Don’t forget to visit the wildlife park too, where you will get to see chickens, peacocks and the highlight of the trip – the alligator wrestling show. Besides wrestling with the alligator, they will also bring out an alligator which you can hold and take a picture with, for a minimal fee. The trip to the Gator Park will be one that the whole family will enjoy, especially when you have the comfort and the privilege of going there and returning home in a private rented bus.