Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Visiting Stone Mountain

Georgia, in the southeastern United States, was the last of the original 13 colonies, and easily visited with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bushired from Bus Private. Georgia was one of the original seven Confederate States, and Southern pride still runs strong in the veins of native Georgians. It’s capital, Atlanta is one of America’s most important aviation hubs.
Stone Mountain is one of Georgia’s most famous attractions, as much for its geology as for the enormous bas relief carving on its north face. This 1,686 foot high quartz monzonite dome is 5 miles in circumference at its base, and is surrounded by the Stone Mountain Park. The park is owned by the State of Georgia, and is managed by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association. Ownership of the park’s attractions is by the Memorial Association while being operated by the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation. Stone Mountain is easily reached by private rental bus.
Stone Mountain, as a park for visitors, had a rather infamous beginning. In 1915, a group of hooded men met at Stone Mountain for a revival of the Ku Klax Klan. Led by William J. Simmons, and swearing an oath administered by Nathan Bedford Forrest II, grandson of the original founder of the Klan, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the reborn Ku Klax Klan took steps to raise funds for a Confederate Memorial to be constructed at Stone Mountain.
The Confederate Memorial Carving is the world’s largest bas-relief sculpture. Covering an area of three vertical acres on Stone Mountain’s north face, the carving depicts three Confederate leaders of the American Civil War, President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, shown seated on their favorite horses, “Blackjack”, “Traveler” and “Little Sorrel” respectively. The carving begins 400 feet above the ground, and is 90 by 120 feet. Work on the carving began in 1916, but the carving was only completed in 1972.
There are numerous attractions at Stone Mountain, all accessible by hiring a private bus from Bus Private. Chief among these is Confederate Hall, where visitors are educated on the geology and history of Stone Mountain, and view a historical documentary on the Civil War. The Antebellum Plantation and Farmyard is an open air museum that showcases 19 buildings built between 1790 and 1875. The buildings are arranged to represent a pre-Civil War Georgia plantation, and the main buildings are furnished with period correct furniture and fittings.
Visitors can walk to the top of Stone Mountain using the Walk Up Trail, a 1.3 mile steep climb that rewards one with panoramic views and cool winds. Alternatively, visitors can use the Skyride, a cable car that brings visitors to the top, while passing the Confederate Memorial on the way. A 732 bell carillon provides a daily concert, and on summer evenings, the Stone Mountain Laser Show Spectacular entertains visitors with a massive light and music show. Planning a trip to Georgia, and visiting Stone Mountain is easy with a private bus. Give Private Bus a call to find out how you can hire a private bus from their fleet of vehicles.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Calgary, A Small Gem In Georgia

Calgary, a small town located Southwest of Georgia may be a small, tiny little community tucked away in a neat corner of Georgia but it has got something going for them every time autumn rolls around, loads of fun things to do outdoors with the kids for a party bus rental vacation. This year, the Mule Day will go ahead as planned on Nov 2 and Nov 3, 2012 weekend. Usually, there would be less than three hundred people calling Calgary home but on this weekend, everything comes alive where visitors will pour in to enjoy the food, drinks, the merry atmosphere, and the judging of ornery mules from morning till late in the evening.
The sights and exciting sounds of the parade is always a warm welcome to the residents, most of whom prefer to lie low and live a peaceful life outside of the buzz of city life. On those days of the bus tour events, there will be warm, smiling faces all around as you share the food and drinks and bask in the warm feeling of grilling food outdoors with your new friends that you will make on that day. Of course, when such an amazing buzz is going around in the small town, you can expect them to put together a small flea market as well. For your information, admission is completely free of charge, so's parking, but it is not something you would have to worry about if you are using a large charter bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus. If you are coming in from other parts of the country and need a party bus, please be advised to book ahead of time.
Apart from food, drinks and markets, there will also be entertainment from gospel groups, bloggers and also sometimes, if you are lucky, you will get an internationally-known musician or artiste to join in the fun and provide you with impromptu entertainment.
As small as the town can be, Mule Day is very unique and it opens up a door for a look into the lives of these people. It is often an eye-opener for city dwellers as some have cited the visit as 'jaw-dropping' and 'surprisingly fun'.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Taking a Charter Bus, Private Travel at Its Best

Traveling is one of those things that most of us do in order to relax and unwind. But to some of us, traveling means learning as much about a city, the people, the places, and the food. In order to do that efficiently and in a timely manner, much of it depends on how quickly and comfortably we can get from one place to another. Would it be OK if we all had to drive around in a rented car, not knowing the direction? Would it be OK if we got lost time and time again because of an inaccurate map? Would it be fine if we all had to hop into different trains or cabs and have trouble getting back together at the intended destination because the group that we are traveling in is too big? This is where Bus Private would come in handy.
Bus Private is a large, professional, reliable and affordable charter bus, party bus, mini bus, coach bus rental company that has been serving many cities in the United States for a long time. We understand your preferences and needs. We know that you need not only a charter bus that can transport you from one place to another but you need a company that can deliver superior coach buses and is provided with an efficient bus driver who is courteous, understanding, patient and professional. Our bus drivers are provided with professional training and are completely capable of handling different difficult situations that you may encounter during your trip. For this, you can hand it to Bus Private dot com.
Bus private is a company that upholds out commitment to your satisfaction. Nothing is more important to us than your comfort, convenience and budget. Because of our wide network of charter bus, coach bus, mini bus and party bus providers, we are able to pass out savings on to our customers. Our pricing is one of the most affordable in the industry and with that said, we balance things out without compromising on the quality of our charter buses. The charter buses, coach buses, party buses, mini buses, limousines and other corporate vehicles provided by us undergoes continues checks and maintenance to ensure that they meet with all laws and by-laws governing the industry. Bus private stands by our commitment to top quality vehicles.
If you are organizing a group trip or need a large charter bus for a corporate event, be sure to get in touch with Bus Private for a charter bus rental quote. Bus Private’s customer service representatives can give you a heads up about what you need.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Legoland Atlanta Georgia

We believe that everyone's got a little bit of childhood memory of Lego, the most flexible and unique toy ever, so, visiting Legoland is for everyone! However, there were reports of parents and other grownup kids finding it boring and uninteresting for them – if that is the case, we suggest that you bring along gadgets, books, magazines and the morning paper to keep you occupied. 
Based on some reviews by our bus private customers, the place is simply astonishing for the little ones. There is a really awesome 4D tour to get people going and even the parents are left dumb-founded when they are checking out the awesome things that people can come up with with just Lego pieces. The best time to head over in your party bus, charter bus, mini bus or school bus is off peak seasons...that is when you do not have to worry about the endless queues and parking. However, please note that since you would be using charter bus private services, you can leave the driving and parking to the bus driver provided.
After the impressive tour around the premise (which is one of the most amazing tours you will ever have in Georgia), the kids will get to settle down and try out some of the games and suggestions given out. It lets them come up with their own unique creations and watching them get in with it is awfully inspiring for the grownups. You can see tears in parents' eyes when their kids actually came up with really refreshing ideas with the toys.
The admission fee might throw some people off their feet but we can safely say that it will be well worth the money once you watch the glow on your kids' faces after the trip is over.
In the meantime, for those who are organizing school field trips for the little ones, check out the mini bus, charter bus and school bus available so that you trip there is not just more organized but simply more memorable.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jekyll Island

Located just off the coast of Georgia, Jekyll Island is one of “Georgia’s Golden Isles”. The island is a pristine barrier island and is full of wildlife making their home in the island’s inland marshes. Bus Private is able to transport you here with a charter bus or mini bus rental.
A popular spot for tourists and visitors alike, there are plenty of activities that will please everyone of any age. Some of the activities are guided tours of the Landmark Historic District, walks along the beaches and sandbars, bike trails, carriage rides, or even go for a dolphin cruise. If golf is your thing, you have four courses to choose from and for those into theme parks, there is the Summer Waves Water Park.
Summer Waves is located on 11 acres plot of land, it features exciting thrills and rides that is reminiscent of days of summer. The perfect place for a group outing, the park is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and on selected weekends in May and September. Ride the rolling wave pool on your free inner tube down Turtle Creek or, if you’re courageous enough, blasts down the Force 3 inner tube flume.
There are plenty of accommodation spaces available at Jekyll Island. There is the Jekyll Island Campground that features over 200 campsites fully equipped with modern amenities including WiFi so you can always update your Facebook with pictures taken at the island.
Villas by the Sea Resort & Conference Center has that Southern island charm while surrounded by windswept oaks and lush natural foliage. Offering true Southern hospitality, the resort also features solar heated water pool, an ocean front beach pavilion, and much more.
Jekyll Island Club Hotel mixes the art of business and pleasure well. An experience you will not forget, the hotel has more than 100 years of experience in providing par excellence service. Indulge yourself with carriage rides or a game of croquet here as you bask yourself in modern comfort within rich history.